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Business and Management University Popular

Official Name
Business and Management University SA
2nd Name
BMU Geneva / BMU Switzerland
BMU University
Canton of Geneva, Switzerland
1 January 1995
Intl. Students
YES- (International Students)
- -
- -
  • Business (BBA/MBA...)
  • Economics and Finance
  • MBA
Study Languages:
  • English
NO(Financial Aids / Scholarships)
  • Bachelor's Degree (3-4 years)
  • Master's Degree (1-4 years)
  • Doctorate Degree (2-6 years)
  • BBA / MBA / DBA
Av. Blanc 53, Geneva, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, 1202
+41 (0) 22 906 94 94
+41 (0) 22 906 94 90
Not Reported(World University Rankings)
Distance Edu
Yes(Distance Learning)
U Exchange
No Report... Please log in to change it.- (Exchange Programs)
Dual degree
Ecole Suprieure de commerce (ESC) de Chambry - France
Not Reported
  • The Federation of Swiss Private Schools (VSP)
  • Swiss quality label for further education institutions (EDUQUA)
  • International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)
  • European Foundation for Management Development (EFDM)
Not Reported
Website Title
..:: {{Business & Management University ::..
Business and Management University in Canton of Geneva in Switzerland Offers accredited bachelors and masters courses in business (BBA, MBA) and finance. Includes programs, admission criteria and activities.
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Business and Management University (BMU Switzerland) is an international, private University. It is located in the centre of the famous city of Geneva, Switzerland and within close reach of all facilities and transportation. BMU provides education with faculty members composed mainly by students from 34 different countries that provide BMU with its international character. We offer a wide range of courses as well as an extensive research program. It includes Bachelors programs like BBA, BSc and Masters Programs like MBA, MSc as well as European Masters Programs. We have also recently launched a Ph.D. program.
Reviews (4)
byDonald Armbrecht, July 22, 2013
My name is Donald Armbrecht and I am the E-Marketing Manager for the Geneva Business School, formerly the Business and Management University. I would greatly appreciate making contact with a representative at Universities Handbook so that I might provide your website with some more up-to-date information as many of or courses, our website, and even our name, have changed.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at or by calling me at 022 906 94 94
byDonald, October 6, 2010
My name is Donald Armbrecht and I am the e-marketing and activities manager at GBS/BMU. I would like to respond to some of these comments.

@Geo, I am not denying that there have been some misunderstandings regarding the books and materials. This is the result of a faculty meeting decision in which it was concluded that we are switching to an entirely online library which is available to all professors.

With concern to the schools infrastructure, you may not be aware that GBS is a new tenant, and we are working slowly but surely to improve all aspects of the schools physical appearance. We hope you have already noticed a few significant changes since you joined in September.

The name changed because we undertook a market survey among decision makers in the Geneva region and were encouraged to use Geneva Business School as a core brand name for the future. It aims at putting value to our university for the sake of international recognition and stresses the existing links with Geneva and its unique environment (international organizations, private banking, educational entities…).
bygeo, September 16, 2010
i just joined the is full of many thing going wrong.

student are fighting for paying for study material already paid for.evryday you see excuse,not network, no light not normal.i miss my country it is not as bad.
now they changge name again and again this cannot happen in ukr.
byyoda, April 5, 2010
I still dont understand how that school can be accreditted in Switzerland.It,s very expensive and full of western Europeans and Africans, the courses are so badly presented especially with the many unserious teachers playing for time.It is a joke , the facilities are below standard, the teachers merely read out power point slides, and call it a day.That sucks.No texte books , poorly copied textbooks are issued every week .you can not get anything resolved.They like passing responsibilities alot .Very sloppy.DONT GO THERE.If you can pay CHF25000 a year you should get some quality.
This is not the case here you need to come and see for yourselves.VERY POOR

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