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Rockfield College of Management Popular


Rockfield College of Management (RCM University) is located in Zurich, Switzerland. We offer career enhancement study programs in areas of Business and Social Sciences (Full-Time and Distance Learning Study). Our programs are student-centred, career-oriented and designed to provide skills that enable students to expand their intellectual perceptions whi ...

Category:Canton Zurich

Zurich Elite Business School Popular


ZEBS-Zurich Elite Business School, a new Business School established in 2004 in Zurich, is committed to providing a world-class education in business administration, to helping fellows achieve excellence in their academic and professional careers and companies develop and strengthen their most valuable asset: people. We provide our corporate clients and ...

Category:Canton Zurich

Montreux School of Business Popular


The Montreux School of Business, a non-denominational private university founded in 2011, is located in the French-speaking resort town of Montreux-Territet on the Swiss Riviera. The state-of-the-art facilities of MSB are housed in a beautiful Belle Epoque building that first opened its doors as a sumptuous hotel in 1904.1. Promote the use of innova ...

Category:Canton Vaud

University La Sabana Popular


The University of La Sabana (Spanish: Universidad de La Sabana), is a Colombian private higher education institution founded in 1979. It is located in the municipality of Chia, 7 kms north of Bogoti. The university is awarded with the High Quality Institutional Accreditation by the National Ministry of Education.Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland has ...

Category:Outside Swiss

University El Istmo


Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland has a partnership with University El Istmo for a Double Degree Programme, since September 2007.Double Degree OptionAfter having completed 4 years of studies at University del Istmo, students can transfer to Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland for the final year of the Bachelor Programme. Transferring students will tak ...

Category:Outside Swiss

Université Wesford Genève


The Geneva Universite Wesford is situated in the Rue de L'Arquebuse, and located in the centre of a historic district on the left bank of the Rhone, in the Plainpalais area, which is the true intellectual and artistic crossroads of the city, with its Universities, Music Conservatory, Grand Theatre, Rath Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Theatre, ...

Category:Canton Geneva

School of Institutions Administration


The Escuela de Administracion de Instituciones (ESDAI), part of Universidad Panamericana (The Universidad Panamericana (commonly known as UP, English: Panamerican University) is a private Catholic university, located in Mexico. It is one of the three main campuses, the other two located in Guadalajara and in Aguascalientes since summer 2007.), and Cesar ...

Category:Outside Swiss

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