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What do you mean with this recognition signs?

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U: University

U++: Public University / School / Institute recognized by Swiss government. (e.g. ETH Zurich)

U+: Private University / School / Institute recognized by Swiss government (e.g. Lausanne Hotel School, EHL)

U+/-: Private University / School / Institute recognized by Canton (State) Accreditation (e.g. Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland - Hotel School)

U-: Private University/School/Institute without Canton (State) Accreditation BUT offering a Dual (Double) degree. Partner University must be State recognized University (e.g. Swiss Hotel Management School, SHMS)

U - -: Private University / School / Institute not recognized or Accredited by any Swiss Governmental bodies and not offering a Dual degree from a recognized Partner University BUT It doesnt mean the University is offering a bad education (e.g. Swiss Business School, SBS)

U? : No information's about University recognition.


Signs are according to:

  • Rektorenkonferenz der Schweizer Universitaten (
  • Anerkennung und Bewertung auslandischer Bildungsnachweise (
  • Eidgenossisches Departement fur auswartige Angelegenheiten (
  • Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (
  • Swiss Conference of Rectors of Universities of Teacher Education (
  • Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (

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